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At Imaging Presentation Partners, our number one goal is to focus juror attention!  Directing juror focus means steering the Trier-of-Fact’s attention to the relevant and important issues of the case and away from the confusion and distraction stirred up by opponents.  This aim can be met in a variety of ways and this is where IPP comes in.  IPP Trial Consultants use an assortment of tools and methods to maximize juror attention, but we also rely on our experience and hard work, because holding the attention of a jury demands creativity, practice, and adjustment.

With the assistance of IPP Trial Consultants, juror focus is considered in each phase of the trial.  During discovery, our Trial Consultants help to structure document and video productions in a manner that will facilitate later use in trial.  Pre-trial, our Trial Consultants participate in the conceptualization of courtroom graphics and the execution of jury research.  In-court, our Trial Consultants operate a computerized multimedia system, while monitoring juror response to the presentation of evidence.  The in-court presence of an IPP Trial Consultant allows us to analyze jury behavior in real-time; thereby providing our clients with immediate access to strategic and tactical guidance.  Throughout the entire process, IPP Trial Consultants assist the Trial Team in developing and refining effective trial strategy.



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