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Thomas Reiter
Director of Technology

Thomas Reiter joined Imaging Presentation Partners in 2006, bringing over fifteen years experience as a Trial Consultant and Technology Expert in the Multimedia and Trial Presentation industry.

Prior to joining Imaging Presentation Partners, Mr. Reiter was Vice President and Senior Trial Consultant at Trial Dynamics LLC (Formerly Trial Presentation Technologies Inc.) where he participated in hundreds of trials, arbitrations, mediations and settlement conferences.

Mr. Reiter began his trial consulting career at Optical Magnetic Imaging Corporation where he invented and developed the first electronic multimedia presentation system for use at trial.  Mr. Reiter’s team supported Litton Industries in its litigation against Honeywell Inc. for patent infringement.  The jury awarded a landmark $1.2 Billion dollar verdict in favor of Litton.  Mr. Reiter was awarded a patent on the multimedia process in 1995 (Reissued 2003.)  He pioneered many of the trial presentation strategies currently used by successful Trial Teams throughout the country.

Mr. Reiter has assisted hundreds of Trial Teams in developing understandable and compelling trial presentations for a wide variety of practice areas, including Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets, criminal defense, False Claims Act, insurance bad faith, product liability, wrongful termination, and contract litigation.

Among Mr. Reiter highly visible trials, he has worked as a consultant to the Court of Honorable Lance Ito in the People vs. Orenthal James Simpson trial; he was the multimedia consultant to Leslie Abrahamson in the retrial of Erik and Lyle Menendez; and he developed multimedia communication strategies for the producers and distributors of the James Bond film franchise (Danjaq Ltd. and MGM) in an intellectual property dispute related to one of the Bond films.

Mr. Reiter has been a speaker, conducted seminars, been a panelist and demonstrated the use of multimedia technology at numerous meetings of attorneys and paralegals, including: The American Intellectual Property Law Association, The Practising Law Institute, The Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Association, The Cincinnati Bar Association, Legal Tech (Los Angeles,) and The Orange County Paralegal Association.  Mr. Reiter has taught MCLE classes and seminars focusing on courtroom presentation tactics and technology at law firms throughout the country.



Thomas Reiter



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