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Our Trial Consultants, Jury Consultants, Trial Technicians, and Graphic Artists enable attorneys to effectively utilize psychology and technology to persuasively present evidence and maintain the focus of jurors on the key issues of your case.  We achieve this goal by providing:

  • TRIAL CONSULTING Beginning at the earliest stages of litigation, IPP Trial Consultants assist lawyers to effectively organize and utilize the morass of case details in order to focus and persuade the Trier-of-Fact.  Pre-trial and throughout the course of trial, IPP Consultants assist lawyers in crafting litigation strategy.  In the courtroom, the Trial Consultant may operate the multimedia presentation system, while monitoring juror response to arguments, evidence and testimony;

  • JURY CONSULTINGOur Jury Consultants develop and test case themes and strategies for an enhanced jury presentation, prepare witnesses to be effective communicators, and design juror questionnaires to identify both receptive and biased jurors;

  • SHADOW JURIESIn a complex case, it is not unusual that the jurors will have difficulty understanding the issues and claims.  "Shadows" supply a Trial Team insight into these issues while there is still time to resolve them.  IPP’s Jury Consultants utilize Shadows in the courtroom to assess how the actual jury is reacting to the presentation of testimony and evidence;

  • MULTIMEDIA TRIAL PRESENTATION IPP integrates imaged exhibits, courtroom graphics, animation and videotaped depositions into multimedia trial presentations utilizing state-of-the-art trial presentation software applications.  IPP utilizes full scale touch-screen presentations for the direct examination of expert witnesses;

  • TRIAL GRAPHICS:  Under the direction of an IPP Consultant, our artists create unique and compelling graphics to illustrate the Trial Team’s thematic presentation as a means to enhance visual comprehension of complex issues; and

  • TRIALTOUCH™ Through ingenuity and experience, IPP has developed TrialTouch™, a revolutionary presentation tool for expert witness testimony.  TrialTouch™ transforms the Expert Witness into professor and raconteur, and the jury into attentive listeners.


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