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Imaging Presentation Partners has the dual work shift capacity to scan a combined 2.5 million pages per month and the ability to scan using several different Windows imaging products; each particularly suited to a specified set of client requirements.  IPP also offers a complete range of indexing services, consisting of coding, OCR’ing, and database development.  IPP offers OCR services at the time of document scanning that are compatible with I/PRO©,
Concordance and Adobe PDF viewing software.  IPP also offers OCR’ing in connection with Summation Database Development Projects.  We have further capacity to integrate an imaged collection of coded and/or OCR’d records in with an existing coded and/or OCR’s database, regardless of their original viewing file or database source formats.

We work with our clients to explain the usefulness and limitations of different indexing mechanisms so as to help structure all document services in the most effective and budget-conscious manner that will satisfy the overall objectives of the greater litigation.




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