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Cynthia G. Veneciano, Ph.D.

Cynthia G. Veneciano serves a unique role as both a Jury Consultant and In-court Trial Consultant.  In addition to conducting jury research, witness preparation and jury selection, Dr. Veneciano assists Trial Teams in developing visual strategies for the courtroom presentation of evidence.  As both a Jury and Trial Consultant, she brings a comprehensive perspective to both pre-trial preparation and in-court trial presentation.

Recently, Dr. Veneciano supported the victorious  Monsanto Trial Team in Monsanto Co. v. E.I. duPont de Nemours & Co, an action relating to Monsanto’s Roundup Ready® technology for herbicide resistance.  The jury found DuPont infringed Monsanto’s patented technology and awarded $1 billion in damages to Monsanto.  This verdict – dubbed “remarkable” by The American Lawyer – was reported to be the fifth largest patent verdict in history in 2012.

In the Norvir Antitrust trial, Dr. Veneciano spear-headed the Shadow Jury that provided the winning Winston & Strawn Trial Team with blow-by-blow feedback that was then used in the refinement and retuning of the trial strategy.

Among Dr. Veneciano’s other notable successes are victories for the County Sanitation District No. 14 of Los Angeles County; a “Testimony Verdict” in The People of the State of California, v. Layton A. Dix,; et al.; a first plaintiff’s jury verdict in a Trademark suit against an Unauthorized Theatrical production in the. “Frank Sinatra Trademark Litigation”; a defense verdict in Wrongful Death matter: Ursula Karven and James Veres v. Tommy Lee, et al.; and a plaintiff verdict in Unfair Business Practices matter in PM Group, et al., v. Rod Stewart,

Dr. Veneciano received her Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she studied with premier theorists and researchers in the psychology of decision-making and persuasion.

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