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Nicholas T. Hariton
Managing Director and Counsel

Nicholas T. Hariton has been the Managing Director & General Counsel of Imaging Presentation Partners since its founding in 1994.  With two decades of experience as a Trial Consultant, he is a well-respected leader in the field.  Mr. Hariton revolutionized the practice of Trial Consulting by placing Trial Consultants in the role of trial
technicians operating multimedia presentation systems in court, as well as, monitoring juror behavior.  The Trial Consultant as a trained observer of non-verbal behavior is in a unique position to monitor juror reactions to testimony and evidence, while performing the functions of a trial technician.

Mr. Hariton began his Trial Consulting career with the first successful litigation against Microsoft Corporation (Stac Electronics v. Microsoft Corporation) and has assisted Exxon Mobil in its successful Municipality Diverted Services trial in Anchorage, Alaska.  Mr. Hariton, in addition to participating in the development of winning trial strategies and preparing key witnesses, has assisted Trial Teams with jury selection for successful outcomes in cases across the country, including, Monsanto Co. v. E.I. duPont de Nemours & Co, and the Norvir Antitrust case. 

Mr. Hariton has crafted hundreds of “juror friendly” trial presentations for Trial Teams throughout the country.  Mr. Hariton’s most recent innovation is TrialTouch™, a dynamic new technology that transforms the Expert Witness into professor and raconteur.  In June of 2013, Mr. Hariton’s innovation was awarded a patent: US 8,473,835 B2 "Distributed Scripting For Presentations With Touch Screen Displays."  Mr. Hariton has been recognized in the "Best Lawyers of America" for his Trial Consulting successes.

Mr. Hariton is also a charter member of the Board of Governors of the Organization of Legal Professionals (the "OLP").  The Board consists of a highly distinguished panel of 26 members from throughout the United States and Great Britain. 



Nicholas T. Hariton



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